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A fun, high energy, interactive, variety music group since 1997!

 When Nicole (Nic) and Kirk (Kid) Tracy met, they had no idea that their  partnership would soon include leading a band together.  Nicole was a  busy actor who performed Shakespeare, Neil Simon, various musicals, and  played a character on the television series Beverly Hills 90210.  Kirk  was a working saxophonist who played live with The Shirelles, The Ink  Spots, Dave Wakeling (The English Beat and General Public), and recorded  the Epic Records debut release of the ska group Save Ferris.  Although,  once they met everything changed.  A fun, high energy, interactive show  was born that features a cool blend of a wide variety of different  music.  Since the formation of this husband and wife led five piece band  in 1997, The Kid and Nic Show has performed regularly from the House of  Blues stages in Hollywood and Anaheim to clubs, casinos, theaters,  festivals and special events across the country.  Past tours have taken  the show to over 16 states.  The Kid and Nic Show has been featured on  The Discovery Channel, The Food Networks "Bobby Flay's Food Nation", as  well as morning news shows in Minnesota, South Dakota, Nevada and  Arizona.  Their story has also been told in periodicals across the  nation.  Songs from Kid and Nic's last release Where You Are There You  Is are enjoying regular rotation on radio stations across the nation and  around the world!  Kid and Nic take their audiences on a trip across  the landscape of American music and comedy for a show that provides a  lot of laughs, great danceable music and a genuine feeling of joy! 

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Original Song Podcast #2 Missing Puzzle Piece


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